About elementary.

The idea behind the Elementary is quite old: As we are making our useful ideas working, what can provide advantages for our partners.

We are an enthusiast for development, finding new ideas, and implementing new answers for those questions that we don't know yet. How is it possible? We creating solutions what are ready for the future: don't limit to the current state. This is why we say: Together we are more efficient. Our clients can know their fields very well and they know the answers to questions of their clients. We know how they can provide answers in an aimed environment that supports their life.

This is also the reason why we are working B2B: We know how we can build up systems that are working well, but our customers know their clients much better, they know their market, their breathtaking, their life, their dreams. They can recognize their problems, which we can help to solve. This is why we are saying: together we're stronger.

With more than 20 years of experience we created a company to make this service elementary: All companies who want to work with us, we are open and can provide our knowledge and problem-solving attitude.

Balázs Ercsey
Founder & CEO

Let’s be stronger together.